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Temporary homepage for Victor Rivas, Cuban baseball player.

Short autobiography

I was born Victor Rivas Goire on 30 April 1992 in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. My parents are Victor Manuel Rivas Garcias and Juana Emilia Goire Garriga. I'm 6'2", 255 lbs, and I bat/throw right. My favorite team would be the Baltimore Orioles, although I'd play for any of them.

In October 2013, I left Cuba. Before leaving, I played for the Toronjeros de Isla de la Juventud. Then, I played for the Cuban National Team during 2010-2011. In the national team, I played in the 2010 Jr. World Championship in Thunder Bay, Canada, and in the 2011 championship in Venezuela.

One might think I was very, very young to play in the nationals. It shows what my country thought of me to be playing in a professional league so early at only 17 years old. The IBAF acknowledged me, along with Jorge Soler - who then signed with the Chicago Cubs for $30m - as the premier player for the Cuban National Team.

The Cuban government suspended me for two years for attempting to defect when I was 19 years old. After defecting successfully, I established residency in a neighboring country, Haiti. Becoming a resident in another country and getting acclimated took a lot more time than anticipated.

I've had to remain positive, patient, and keep working hard until the legal process finished. During that time, I've been training in the Dominican Republic. I go to the field five days/week, hit the gym on Saturday, and rest on Sunday.

Recently, I applied for my free agent's license and am awaiting a resolution I received it on 4 Jan 2016!!! My dream is to play in Major League Baseball in 2016. With your help, I'll get there! Let the world know about me on forums, post on social media, and tell your friends.

English is not my native language. This site was created and maintained by two friends here in the DR, Sam and Juanpa. They've collected some links below where you can find more information about me.


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My stats when I played for Isla de la Juventud in 2010-2011.
The Cuban government erases our statistics from the Internet when we defect. It makes it more difficult for us to sign, because teams have no idea what we can do. However, the Internet never forgets!
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They don't look great, but hey I was really young then to be playing in the national series at 17-18 years old!
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Social media and forums

My Facebook page
There's a fake account or two out there. Don't be fooled! This is the real one.
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These guys come to watch me practice a few times/week. One of them is crazy about Cuban baseball. There's some videos of me on his channel.
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Even Italian forums are talking about me. :D


Hit me on Facebook! I had a Twitter, but forgot the login. I'll fix this soon. Also, I'll have a G+ page here before too long. If you want to reach the guys who maintain the site, send an e-mail to the webmaster. (This goes to Juan Pérez a.k.a Juanpa.)